Preparing Your Home For a Mosquito Control

After constant struggles with the mosquitoes, you decide to hire a professional mosquito control service.  However, before the mosquito treatment in Wauwatosa service arrives, you’ve to prep up your place. These steps will ensure the safety and cleanliness of your home and its members.

From protecting your pets to covering the furniture, here’s a full to-do list of pre-mosquito treatment. 

Protect Your Pets

It’s better to be safe than sorry, and that’s why you should leave our pets to the neighbors before the treatment begins. The treatment process can strain your pet’s emotional health. Several pets can experience stress and anxiety when they see strangers and bulky equipment.

Covering Open Elements

Before the exterminator’s arrival, you must cover all open surfaces. Any open objects are susceptible to accumulate pesticide particles. You can also wrap the items with plastic and store them in the cupboard. Also, remove all the food items from the countertops.

Scrub the Carpets & Floors

Clean the floors and vacuum the rugs to remove hidden insect eggs and visible pests. You have to elbow grease for good results. Mopping will increase the effectiveness of your pest control. While mopping, you must focus on entry points and cracks.

Move the Furniture

mosquito treatment in Wauwatosa

For the best results, your exterminators will need to have free access around your home. After covering everything, a little shifting might help your exterminator.

Move the furniture and appliances a little away from the walls. The large structure should stay at least 3 to 4 feet away from the walls. Doing this will help the professionals to spot any hidden mosquito breeding areas.

Final Words

Once you implement all these, your professional mosquito control service can do its job. The more prepared you are for your upcoming mosquito control service, the quicker and smoother your exterminators can do their job.