How Sunrooms Affect Property Taxes and Homeowner’s Insurance

Adding a sunroom to your house can be an expensive ordeal. However, have you been wondering about the monetary implications of getting a sunroom in your house? Let us look at how your homeowner’s insurance and property taxes are affected by adding a sunroom to your house.

Property taxes

It is important to note that adding a sunroom will surely increase the property tax on your home. This is because of the extra space you’ll be consuming. However, along with property taxes, you will also increase the resale value of your house.

The best thing about a sunroom is that it can recover over 51% of its cost while the house is being sold. Therefore, the high return on investment is worth the price you pay in property taxes.

Homeowner’s insurance premium

The fundamental of homeowner’s insurance premium is that the more area your house covers, the higher the coverage policy you’ll have to get. When you get a sunroom addition to your home, you will notify your insurance company about the same.

The materials used to make sunroom additions to your home will also affect your premiums. The higher the quality of materials you use, the higher the premiums. This is because if you claim, you’ll have to get high-quality replacement materials you’ll have to get.


You can contact several sunroom installers in Ottawa, ON, to get the best deal. Getting a sunroom might seem an expensive deal for some time. With a negative impact on the property taxes and homeowner’s insurance, you might feel discouraged to add a sunroom at first. If you look at the deal, you will not have much to lose in the long run. While claiming insurance or selling your house, your sunroom will more or less pay for itself, making it cost-efficient.